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Meet Steve

From a young age, Steve Anderson helped his uncle take care of several properties in Walworth County. Steve always admired the relationships his uncle had with the families who owned the properties. The valuable lessons he learned as a kid not only helped him in his career but also defined his future.  

When working on tasks and projects, Steve has a strong work ethic and a commonsense approach. He was the lead project manager on many high-profile projects with budgets ranging from 200k to 1.5 million. All of his projects came in on time and at or under budget. His communication, team management, and customer service skills supported his success throughout his career. He is an open and honest person with strong family values and would like to share his knowledge and abilities with others that share his values. Steve always treats his customers like family so they can have the confidence their home is in the best care.
For over 20 years, Steve worked in the corporate environment and also served as a volunteer firefighter and EMS rescue. Although he was very satisfied with his career and found a way to help people through volunteering, there was a feeling that there was always something missing. It was not until the unfortunate passing of his uncle and best friend that he realized what that was.

After his uncle's passing, Steve helped the owners of a Delavan Lake property while they decided what to do going forward. It only took two weeks for Steve to realize what he had been missing - the feeling you get when you build a relationship with a customer that makes you feel like family. 
Shortly after this realization, Steve left the corporate world and started Serenity Property Management & Solutions. Steve is dedicated to building a family, not a customer base. When he passes, his wish is that "customers” come to pay their last respects with tears in their eyes as they did with his Uncle Dan.

Steve currently lives in Delavan, is happily married to Sheryl for over 30 years, and is the father of three. 

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Lake Background

Why Choose Serenity? 

Personal Connection

Build relationships with clients and develop an understanding of what matters most to you.


Founded in Delavan by a local resident who is involved in the community and has a network of vendors.

Family Values

Embrace respect, trust, kindness, and treat others how you want your family to be treated.


Committed to excellence by setting expectations, delivering quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

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