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Home Concierge Services

Serving Walworth County, Serenity Property Management & Solutions will help you manage your home. Our home concierge services are tailored for second home owners on Delavan Lake, Geneva Lake, Lauderdale Lakes, and Whitewater Lake.


Our goal is to develop a partnership with you to enable you to have more time to relax at the lake, spend with loves ones, and enjoy your property. Browse our services below. Is there something you need that is not listed below? Please don't hesitate to ask. We understand that every house and family are unique. Our service packages are customized to your needs. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Let us care for your property in a timely, orderly fashion that meets your expectations.

Delavan Lake Home
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Gardener & Vendor Coordination

Vendor Coordination

Serenity Property Management & Solutions can free up your time by coordinating your services such as pool cleaning, landscaping, lawn mowing, HVAC repair, internet, cable, etc. If you do not have an existing vendor, we have a list of local, reputable vendors and can help you select your vendor.


Vendor Coordination Services: 

  • Collect service provider contacts & obtain quotes

  • Act as client liaison as needed

  • Schedule contractors & provide access to the home

  • Oversee vendor services to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Manage projects, (i.e., construction, landscaping, etc.)

Vendor Coordination

Property Checks

Have peace of mind knowing your property is being monitored and cared for on a regular basis. Routine property checks protect your property, minimize the risk of break-ins, enable proactive maintenance, and help minimize costly repairs.

Our property check services include the following:

  • Inspect for forced entry and vandalism

  • Confirm security system is active  

  • Confirm doors and windows are securely closed and locked

  • Check for plumbing leaks in the kitchen, bathroom(s), and laundry room

  • Regularly run water to reduce odors from non-usage

  • Turn on the heating and air conditioning system to evaluate the operating condition

  • Inspect water heater for leaks

  • Inspect outdoor water meter for unseen leaks

  • Inspect general condition of the home (i.e., needs cleaning, grass needs cutting, etc.)

  • Inspect pier and boat

  • Inspect pool and spa for proper operation

  • Inspect irrigation system

  • Inspect water features

Second Home Property Checks
Property Checks
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Fall Colors at the Lake

Home Maintenance

Relieve yourself of the stress of home ownership and let Serenity Property Management & Solutions proactively handle the home maintenance. Together, we will craft a checklist so that you know your home is being cared for at all times. 

A few examples of routine maintenance include: 

  • Monthly property checks, management of lawn care, etc.

  • Spring cleanup, turning on irrigation, lawn care and pest control management, etc. 

  • Summer yard maintenance, pool maintenance, etc.

  • Fall cleanup, closing of pool, turning off irrigation, store outdoor furniture and recreation equipment, etc.

  • Winter property checks & management of snow removal. 

Home Maintenance

Emergency Liaison 

Give yourself a break and free up your time. No one can predict when an emergency will happen, which is why quick and decisive action is critical. You no longer have need to rush off to your vacation home to check on the property after a storm or when an alarm goes off.


Serenity Property Management and Solutions can be there quickly to survey and assess the situation for you. If needed, we can be your local liaison to our shortlist of trusted vendors who can be relied upon in an emergency.

Our emergency services include: 

  • Inspect for damage after a weather emergency and report findings to the owner.

  • Arrange for storm cleanup and monitor power restoration.

  • Meet insurance company, utility crew, service providers, etc.

  • Respond to triggered alarms if you are not present

  • Serve as a direct contact for guests using the property if issues arise

  • Function as a contact for neighbors if they see any issues

  • Monitor motion-activated security cameras when your home is vacant

Store Damage at the Lake
Emergency Contact
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How to Get Started

Contact Us

Send us a message to start the conversation. 

Follow-Up Call

We will give you a call to discuss what you are looking for and schedule a visit. 

Property Visit

We will schedule a time to visit the property and outline the services in detail. 


We will send you a proposal tailored to you and your property. 

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